The Internal Quality Assurance Cell has been reconstituted according to the guidelines given by the UGC. The IQAC wholeheartedly takes the responsibility of enhancing and sustaining the quality of curricular and co-curricular activities in the college campus. The IQAC holds regular meetings to discuss the various aspects related to UGC and NAAC directions and it ensures time bound implementation of proposals. The recommendations of the IQAC are considered and implemented by the principal with the help of the college council through a system of sufficiently decentralised action plan.

To enhance continuously the quality of teaching and research activities in the college for the  comprehensive and sustained development of the students and the teachers in the institution by guiding the college through the state of the art methods as suggested by the UGC, NAAC, and the Higher Education Council. 

  • To coordinate and to audit the Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism for total quality management of the institution.
  • To shoulder the responsibility of continuous improvement of innovations in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the institution.
  • To set up quality benchmarks for the institution in its quest for excellence.
  • To regularly interact with the NAAC and timely preparation and submission of reports such as AQAR and SSR.

Major activities of Internal Quality Assurance Cell  are intended ,

Ø  To provide computer with internet facility in all departments.

Ø To undertake the modernization of classrooms with innovative measures like ICT enabled teaching.

Ø To encourage students to engage  in  extension activities.

Ø To enhance the research involvement of students and teachers in the campus.

Ø To aim at rapid student progression through the conduct of remedial and bridge courses.

Ø To augment women students’ facilities in the campus.

Ø To provide the necessary career guidance to students.

Ø To arrange counselling sessions for students in need of assistance.

Ø To organize skill oriented programmes for the student community.

Ø Periodic analysis of feedback from students, parents and alumni.

Ø To help the poor students through the mid day meal scheme and providing them with essential study materials.

Ø To establish bio gas plant.

Ø To install solar panel in the campus.

Ø To conduct more national and  state level sponsored  seminars and conferences.

Ø Orientation to the guest faculty

Ø Preparation and submission of AQAR

Ø Developing a Research Panel for the College for the publication of the college research journal.

Ø Preparation and submission of SSR


Various training programmes conducted by the IQAC:

Ø Training the staff in innovative teaching methods.
Ø To familiarize recent methods in researches to the faculty.
Ø Orientation classes for Personality development, training by Professionals to enhance writing skills for members of the faculty, awareness programmes on women’s health, training in Human Rights Education, Value Education and Counselling.
Ø Faculty Development Programme,
Ø Orientation and Refresher Courses are regularly scheduled. Staff are sent on Orientation/Refresher course and encouraged to avail FDP


Chairman - Dr. G. Jayasenan, Principal
Coordinator - Dr. Mathew. K. Jacob, Head of the Department of Geology
1. Dr. V. S. Thampi Das Department of Chemistry
2. Dr. C. Meera Department of History
3. Dr. L. S. Mini Department of Botany
4. Smt. B. Jayasree Department of Economics
5. Sri. S. R. Regi Department of Zoology
6. Smt. S.V. Jubilie Department of Commerce
7. Smt. Preetha Krishna Department of English
8. Smt. Sicily Office Superintendent
9. Sri. S. R. M. Aji Management Representative
10. Smt. Saraswathy Sasidharan Municipal Councilor Member

 Chairman - Dr. G. Jayasenan, Principal
Coordinator - Dr. V. S. Thampi Das, Head of the Department of Chemistry
1. Dr. Mathew K. Jacob Department of Geology
2. Dr. C. Meera Department of History
3. Dr. T. K. Sushama Department of Hindi
4. Dr. A. Jayasree Department of Economics
5. Smt. S. Preetha Department of Mathematics
6. Dr. S. Anilkumar Department of Botany
7. Dr. S. Shibu Department of Zoology
8. Dr. S. Soju Department of Commerce
9. Dr. Jerry Alwin Department of Economics
10. Sri. Sajesh Sasidharan Department of Physics
11. Sri. T. R. Jijo. Department of English
12. Smt. Megha Radhakrishnan Department of Economics
13. Smt. Namitha. K. Bhat Department of Economics
14. Dr. R. Biju. Department of Chemistry

Resource person: Dr. S.V. Sudheer,  Director, UGC Academic Staff College